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UX At Scale 2017: Free Webinars To Get Scaling Design Right

Design doesn’t scale as cleanly as engineering. It’s not enough that each element and page is consistent with each other — the much bigger challenge lies in keeping the sum of the parts intact, too. And accomplishing that with a lot of designers involved in the same project.
If you’re working in a growing startup or a large corporation, you probably know the issues that come with this: The big-picture falls from view easily as everyone is focusing on the details they are responsible for, and conceptions about the vision of the design might be interpreted differently, too. What we need is a set of best practices to remove this friction and make the process smoother. A strategy to scale design without hurting it.
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L’imaginaire du Bitcoin (2/2) : utopies pirates et théorie du tout

Le bitcoin est sans aucun doute une émanation de l’idéologie libertarienne qui vise à l’obsolescence de l’État et au règne absolu du marché. Pourtant les choses sont plutôt ambiguës. Dans un article précédent, je mentionnais les propos de Stan Latimer, affirmant que, dans une Dac (Distributed Autonomous Corporations, ou Entreprises autonomes distribuées), les changements d’orientation de la corporation ne pourraient pas venir d’actionnaires externes, mais de ses employés, comme les « mineurs » dans le cas du bitcoin. J’y soulignais alors la confluence entre l’esprit anarcho-capitaliste et les vieilles utopies autogestionnaires. En fait, l’anarchisme est l’équivalent politique d’une « Singularité » technologique. On ne peut pas prévoir ce qu’il y a derrière, ce qu’il se passera après la destruction des institutions étatiques. La société pourra adopter un marché dérégulé, un communisme complet, ou n’importe quelle forme entre les deux, y compris, pourquoi pas, la bonne vieille féodalité ..

Le Mount Stephen

The former home of Canada’s railway pioneer, George Stephen, and later a private members’ club, the neoclassical landmark on Montréal’s Drummond Road has had another reincarnation, this time is as Le Mount Stephen Hotel. Here, 90 contemporary guest rooms, a sizeable ballroom, a spa and a series of meeting spaces are discreetly tucked away in a new-build behind the original mansion.
Prerequisite bells and whistles include Japanese toilets, showers with Chroma lighting therapy and multiple USB ports in all the right places. But for a touch of heritage, head to the restaurant and bar, where British fare, such as Welsh rarebit, is served among the original wood panelling and stained glass windows of the 19th-century pile.

London Design Festival 2017 preview: the top 20 exhibitions and events

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New York Fashion Week S/S 2018 womenswear editor’s picks

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Sies Marjan S/S 2018

Scene setting: In an inspired move, Sies Marjan designer Sander Lak brough the fashion crowd to his front door, unveiling his latest collection where it was conceived: his studio. With the catwalk running through the atelier, the library and the studio’s reception, guests were able to get a first-hand glimpse into Lak’s processes and sources of inspiration.
Mood board: Texture was the connective thread for spring/summer 2018. Garments boasted a wrung and wrinkled quality, whether crafted from chiffon, moleskin and satin, all achieved by putting them through a humble wash cycle.
Best in show: Distortions such as bleeding paint strokes, snagged stripes, picked up hems and twisted details gave the otherwise classic and elegant silhouettes a fresh and disruptive look. Teamed with sneaker mules and twisted booties with sculptural, exaggerated heels, the thoughtful, yet carefree collection was an alluring breath of fresh air.