Richard Meier is one of the globe’s foremost – and most recognisable – modern architects; a pioneering, Pritzker Prize-winning visionary who has led his own practice since 1963. In the latest of Plane—Site’s enlightening Time-Space-Existence shorts, Meier eloquently muses on his love of museum architecture and the existentially reflective appeal of the colour white (and the subsequent excitement of creating a building in black). His interest in creating museums stems from the fact that, despite a diversity of collections and individual contexts, they have a fundamental purpose of being a ‘public place of coming together for enjoyment but also for learning’. His Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Meier explains, is a great example of place where visitors want to see in and outside of – for both its art and meditative spatial context. Its striking white edifice is almost holistic in effect – expressing, he explains, a quality of light…Original sources