Summary: All members of an Agile team, regardless of design skills, can contribute to the design of a product or feature during the development process.

If you're working in an Agile environment, you already know that it's not easy for UX and there is a lot to get done in a short amount of time. Sometimes, you may be lucky enough to have multiple UX professionals on your team, but other times you're flying solo . If you find yourself dreading your UX to-do list, consider bringing other members of your development team into your design process . Doing so not only will lighten your workload, but it will also introduce multiple perspectives and ease further collaboration processes (for example, if you need signoff from other departments).

In this article, I discuss three go-to collaborative activities I like to use with Agile teams to brainstorm design ideas: 6-up 1-up, whiteboard session, and telephone. These activities foster ideation , collaboration, and involvement without requiring a lot of time, effort, materials, or software knowledge. They also have the benefit that they can be used in contexts beyond Agile and can be easily applied to other ideation contexts .

If you're working with a large team or you want to get a lot of ideas for a particular feature, try the 6-up 1-up sketching method for brainstorming designs. It is best used with a larger team on a feature that is further out in your backlog, as part of a future sprint. This method allows team members to sketch out multiple quick ideas for one feature, come together as a group to discuss the proposed solutions, and then finesse one solid idea. It is a great method if your team members are particularly shy or new to each other, because individuals get a chance to work on their own design before bringing it to the larger group. This activity is similar to the Crazy 8s method.

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