Time and design stand still in the aviation market. The massive cost of development and tight legislatory requirements ensure that new aircraft come to market in a trickle, rather than a flood. Incremental improvements, overhauls and upgrades ensure that once a fundamental form is fixed, it is able to endure for decades. Boeing’s 747 made its debut at the tail-end of the 60s and most estimates suggest the design will still be flying in the 2030s and 40s. Cessna’s 172 is the VW Beetle of the air, still in production after over 60 years. Italian manufacturer Piaggio first flew the original P180 Avanti back in 1986, returning with a major upgrade in 2004 and then another round of improvements in 2015. That latest version of the aircraft is the Avanti EVO, and in the world of business aviation it still counts as something shiny and new. Cabin view of the…Original sources