Infiniti is on a mission to find a distinctive voice, and the company’s new Q Inspiration concept is an expression of this. Presented last month at the North American International Auto Show, the study car is rich with references to the future of the Japanese marque. Despite recognition in the US and throughout Asia, Infiniti – Nissan’s premium arm – is somewhat misunderstood in Europe. Q, and the production cars that follow, may change our perception. The concept car proposes an unconventional design theme that breaks away from the usual three-box saloon style; it explores a human-focused interior inspired by elements of Japan and looks at Infiniti in the ever-advancing age of clean autonomous driving. The project was led by Karim Habib, who from his base in Atsugi, Japan leads Infiniti’s design teams in Beijing, San Diego and London. An advanced VC-Turbo engine powers the car​ Discussions over project Q had already begun before Habib…Original sources