I have always been something of a picky eater, especially when it comes to meat and poultry. Like everything else, my rule is ‘less but better’, so no intensively reared factory-farmed muck for me; in its place, I eat just a little of the good stuff. The same goes for fish – I won’t touch anything farmed. Following a series of back-to-back visits to Paris’ Maisie Café (where I discovered an alternative to the usual Fashion Week fare of bread, butter, pastries, cheese and chips), coupled with a few lunches at Yeotown on London’s Chiltern Street, a daily intake of ‘plant-based’ Instagram posts by journalist Calgary Avansino and, most importantly, watching the new pro-vegan documentary What the Health on Netflix, I beefed up the plant-based part of my diet and eliminated a hefty number of animal products. Gift aid: my current favourite hotel gift shop is Les Ateliers Courbet at…Original sources