Scene Setting: For the very last show of this fashion month, Nicolas Ghesquière took us back to the future. To his future. The Louis Vuitton designer (fresh off renewing his contract with the Parisian house) delved in the roots of his long-lived sci-fi obsession, and he did it through a striking mix between history and a dystopian narrative. The show, as usual, took place in the Musée du Louvre. But this time, the carved stone façades of the iconic building were only visible through the transparent plexiglas or a series of tunnels illuminated by neon bulbs, like breathable space capsules separating us from a toxic environment. But there was much more than that to the collection. Best in show: There was no one clear narrative to the show. Rather, Ghesquière chose to drop hints and references here and there. The silhouette was wide-shouldered, with XL puffy sleeves, tiny waistbands and…Original sources