Mood Board: Any historian worth his salt will tell you that the two key decades of widespread female liberation in the 20th century are the Roaring Twenties and the Swinging Sixties. It is no coincidence then that, sartorially, both eras had a lot in common, chief among them a boyish A-silhouette and cropped hair. Only time will tell whether the #MeToo era will be a revolution leading to more financial, personal and sexual freedom for womanhood… But Miuccia Prada seems to think it will. At the very least, she has been heavily reflecting on those concepts and translating them into pure Miu Miu sparkle. Best in show: And so flapperish dresses in draped and ruched satin with details on the hips and shoulders made their appearance on the runway along with a selection of Carnaby Street-worthy double breasted leather coats and mini skirts in a palette of blue-grey, black, red, sherbet lemon…Original sources