When it comes to landmark architecture books, Rem Koolhaas’ literary output is as iconic as they come. The celebrated Dutch architect – and famous co-founder of international architecture firm OMA – has been known to produce some of the most widely referenced and treasured publications in the field. Now, the master’s latest offering, the hefty – at some four kilos heavy – Elements Of Architecture has just hit the shelves. From 1978’s Delirious New York, a unique insight into the Big Apple, to 1995’s S, M, L, XL, where the author explored the expansion of the architecture office through his projects, arranged by scale, and his more recent foray into Japanese Metabolism, with 2011’s Project Japan (written together with curator Hans Ulrich Obrist), Koolhaas is a master in taking one strong theme and digging deep, meticulously exploring his subject. True to form in his new publication, Koolhaas takes the material from his widely acclaimed…Original sources